How to Show me my browsing history on the PC or Android phone

How do I find Show me my browsing history

Maximum person uses their browser on the PC or Android.  If you don’t want memories of your web pages that have visited using internet explorer or Chrome you can delete you’re all of browsing history. And, will be given here how to show me my browsing history?

Besides, if you are using the public PC, you may not want Internet Explorer to save your history. Here, you will get how to delete your browsing history both Internet Explorer and Chrome. Most of the people are less their PC or phone of security-conscious.

How to Show me my browsing history

To be protected, you need to wipe your history on your PC, or Android every day. The procedure isn’t always as clear as when you’re using a browser.

How do I find Show me my browsing history?

How to Show me my browsing history



Do you know how do I find out my browser history or explorer or Chrome? If you don’t know about the procedure then follow the rules. Here, you can check How to delete all history in internet explorer?

See your browsing history of the Internet Explorer. And, how you can to delete browsing history on internet explorer?

  • Firstly, you have to select the “favorite” option
  • Then choose the History, and select how you want to see your browser history by choosing a filter from the menu button.
  • After, to clear your specific sites, select-right a site from the lists.
  • Then select Delete option or return to a page by choosing any site in the list.

When you delete your browsing history that’s get?

  • Cookies, information that sites store on the PC to remember your preferences, like as sing-in.
  • Download history, you have downloaded the list of files from the webpage. Deletes lest but not the real files that you have downloaded.
  • Passwords that you have saved for your sites.
  • Data you have entered into forms, like as email data
  • Favorites” You have saved as favorites at the list of sites. You don’t delete favorites if you want to remove separate sites. You will delete all of your saved sites.
  • Filtering data InPrivate: Saved data used by the InPrivate Filtering to find out. And the sites might be dividing details about your approach data.

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How do I look at my history on Google Chrome?


How you can open the Chrome app on your Android or tablet. If you don’t know about the procedure then you can check details.

Find your browser history

  • Go to the top right, Tap More Click History

If the address bar is the type of bottom, swipe up on the address bar in the Tap History.

  • Visit a site, tap the entry

You have to open the site in a new tap, touch and hold the entry, tap more. Then will be open in new tap.

Click copy the site, hold and touch the entry at the top right bottom: Copy Link

Chrome History View all and clear data

How do I find Show me my browsing history

  1. Start the chrome app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Go to the address bar, “Tap History” at the bottom.
  3. Click the tap “Clear browsing data”.
  4. If you want to delete you have to clear everything, tap all time into the “time range”.
  5. Check “browsing history” and if you don’t want to delete uncheck any other information or data.
  6. Finally, click “clear data
  7. From your history delete an item data
  8. You want to delete you have to find the entry
  9. Click to the right tap remove.
  10. To delete multiple your items select the touch and hold an entry if you want to clear tap to remove.

Here, your History page displays the pages that you have visited on chrome browser in the last 90 days. It doesn’t store your Chrome browser as you have deleted from your browser history.

How do I delete Google history on my android phone? Also more browsers

Here has given how to delete Google history on the Android Phone? Some popular browsers that are used in the Android these have given below.


To clean your history on Firefox browser is a very simple procedure.

Start the Firefox browser and go to the top right-hand corner. You have to choose your History option from the menu.

Same to chrome, you will get a Clear Browsing History option, it’s stayed at the bottom of the page.

If you want to delete which other data, the app will give you on your screen prompt to just confirm, click OK the date will be swab.

UC browser history recovery process

UC Browser is not well-known among the Android user. How to clearing your browser history it’s process is the most effective.

To start, follow the top three lines horizontal of the screen. Then you have to pick the yellow icon labeled “History and Bookmarks”.

Then, you will see the first your Bookmarks list. Swipe left to reveal your browsing history.

You will get a “clear” option if you want to clear your history then select and click the “Delete” bottom. Wait then you will see has cleared your browser.

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Opera Mini browser

At present, Opera Mini browser has the small user base. The procedure deletes your browsing history from the browser. Open your browser. Put in the Opera Mini logo in the top to the right-corner bottom.

A small window will show and go to the top of the browser. Here has stayed four icons; you have to click on the “Gear” option and to approach the browser settings.

After, scroll down until that you see Clear Browsing Data. If you want to delete mark the checkboxes next to the data.

Here, you can select from the “Saved Passwords”, “Cookies and Data” and “Browsing History”.

Finally, if you understand about these things then click the OK.

It is said that maximum PC or Tap user are using the most popular Google Chrome browser. Besides, Android user’s use UC Browser and Explorer and more. I expected that you have got more browser procedure that how to delete your browsing history? Also, has given about my browsing history.


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