How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages On PC Or Android

Though you think it is impossible, I am going to show you the way how to recover deleted Facebook messages. It is really tough to recover the deleted message of Facebook. Facebook has no option to retrieve the text. But if you get the notification of Facebook messages on the email account, you have a possibility to copy the deleted message. But you can take steps to prevent this kind of mistake.

Recovering deleted Facebook messages

How to recover deleted Facebook messages

To recover the Facebook messages, you should follow the process below.

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Method 1: Check the message copy on the email

Check the notification option of the Facebook. For this, you should go to and enter into your account with email address and password. Now go to the Settings. You will find a triangle that is facing downward on the upper-right corner of the tab. Click on this icon. Here a drop-down menu will appear. This menu contains Create page, Activity log, Help, Log out, etc. To go to the settings, you should tap the Settings from the drop-down menu.

Settings from notification option

Now click the Notifications option from the Settings. It is on the left side of this tab. You will find it in the sixth position of the drop-down options.

Now click the edit button and go to the Email notifications for settings. When you click on it, a list of options will appear on the right side such as On Facebook, Mobile, Email, Text Message, etc.  Here you should click the edit button that is on the right side of the Email.

Check that is available to receive. Here there are three options. Under the option “What you will receive” you will get another option named “Notifications You have Turned Off”. You should also find Messages option with Turn On button under this heading. Now turn on this option to get Facebook Message notification.

Check the email

If the setting is okay, you will receive notification on your email with the message copies. So, check your email to see them. If you face trouble to find them, you can do keyword search such as search with the person name who have communicated with you. In the email, you will see the deleted message. If you delete your email, you can check the trash of the email.

Method 2: Recover deleted Facebook Messages with ES Explorer for Android

Using ES Explorer, you can recover Facebook messages. For this, follow the steps below:

  • You can download any File Explorer for your Android mobile device. But you can download ES Explorer. However, this app is to explore any folder of the SD card.
  • Now open your app. Then go to your SD card or Storage. Here, find out the Android folder. It will hold the application’s data.
  • Then go to the Data Folder. In this folder, you will get the folders of all related applications. Here, you will see the folder named “com.facebook.orca”. Click this folder.
  • Then you will find a Cache folder. Tap this folder and here find out “fb_temp”. If you use Facebook messenger, all the backup of this messenger will be saved here. This option makes sure that you can recover your Facebook messages on the phone.
  • You can also connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and then follow the same process.

Method 3: recover messages from the downloaded archive

For this, you have to do the steps below:

Archive your Facebook Messages

It is another secure way to keep the messages safe. It is an easy process, and for this, you need to do a little effort. You can follow this method on your mobile app, website Facebook or the Facebook Messenger. However, this process gives you the full control on the messages.

  • Go to your Facebook Messenger and then open the recent conversations. Or you can scroll your messenger contact and long press the contact that you want to archive. A windows pop-up will appear headlines “Archiving the Entire Message.”
  • Select the archive, and the messages will be removed to the archive. However, you can also unarchive the messages letter.

We see that the process is so simple.

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Recover FB messages from the downloaded archive

After archiving the messages, you can get them easily. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account. Then go to the Account Settings option. Now tap the “Download copy of your Facebook data” from the bottom side of the page.
  • When you click it, you will see the page that contains “Start My Archive” option. Clicking this, a pop-up will be appeared named “Request My Download” that says you to gather the Facebook Information.
  • Tap a green button called “Start My Archive.” It will gather all the information on Facebook. After completing that, you will see a dialog box. Under this box, a download link will be shown. Click the link to download your archive. It will take a lot of times such as one to three hours. After downloading, enter your password to get the archive.
  • After downloading the archive, unzip it to your computer. Open the file named “index”. From this file, you will get the Messages folder. In this folder, check your deleted Facebook messages.

All the methods are not so hard. If you need your past deleted conversation on Facebook, you can follow any of these processes which seem easy to you. To keep your messages safe in the future, there are some extensions available which can help you to store the off-site history. If you use Firefox, you can use the extension “FB Chat history manager” that saves the chat history you did with Firefox. For Google Chrome user, the extension is called “Facebook Chat Archive.” But it may not work sometimes. Anyway, for our important needs, we can now get our deleted conversation of Facebook because we know the methods “how to recover deleted Facebook Messages.

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