How To Make Banana Bread? The Simplest And Easiest Recipe

The banana bread is one of the American plum variant, ideal to eat both breakfasts and for snacks. To make this recipe, you do not have to be a skilled pastry chef but have at least a certain manual skills to speed up the time for the realization. Concerning this, here are some simple tips on how to make banana bread.
Here is the result of my experiments. Stunningly delicate banana bread, with an interesting crust outside and soft stuffing. Madly fragrant and vanishing in minutes. By the way, it is prepared very quickly. First, you need to let the bananas lie for 3-4 days in one package in a dark place. So they will become soft and suppler. If you cannot wait – take fresh and do not worry.

How to make banana bread

how to make banana bread
Here we show 2 easiest recipes of banana bread. Let’s know how to make banana bread.
125 grams of soft butter
250 gr of sugar
2 eggs
300 gr of very ripe crushed bananas
300 gr of flour
1 sachet of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
Seed oil

Mix the ingredients

To make this recipe, you can also use ripe bananas, since it serves the only puree. First, peel them, cut them into slices and put them in the mixer, but adding whole milk, eggs, and seed oil to obtain a homogeneous but not excessively hard mixture. Separately in a container mix the flour, baking powder, a little salt, and bicarbonate to facilitate the growth of the dough. Begin to spin well with an electric or manual beater for a few minutes, and then pour the banana shake.

Bake the banana bread

If you use this bread as a dessert, then you can add to the mixture of sugar, cocoa or chocolate chips. When everything is well blended, transfer the mixture into a non-stick rectangular pan, making sure to butter it and then flour it and let it grow for at least an hour.
When you notice that the bread is quite leavened, bake it for 30 minutes at 150 degrees, but to be sure of the perfect cooking always make the toothpick test. Once baked, let it cool, and then stuff it with sweet ingredients or with salty ones. For example, if you want this bread to be ideal for breakfast, then cut it horizontally and spread some jam or chocolate. Once stuffed dusted with bitter cocoa.

Stuff the bread

Taking cues from the recipe made in the previous steps, you can fill the bread in a salty way for a snack or evening appetizers. In this case, cut it into a triangular shape or thin slices like toast, and spread on top of the fruit yogurt or the pink sauce. In the latter case, also add hard-boiled eggs to thin slices, ham, salami or even spicy or sweet cheese. Finally, combine this banana bread with a good glass of dry fruit liqueur.

How to make banana bread with chocolate

Prepare a large, buttered and floured mold. Turn on the oven and bring it to 180 ° C. Break the chocolate into a heat-resistant bowl, place it in a saucepan containing lightly boiling water (make sure it does not touch the bottom) and let it melt.
Put the butter and sugar in a large bowl and beat them together with an electric whisk until you get cream. Add the eggs, one at a time, then the yogurt and finally the bananas, crushed. Filter together the flour, baking powder, and salt and mix with the banana mixture, using a spatula. Finally, pour the melted chocolate. Mix well and transfer to the mold.
Bake and cook for 45 minutes, until the bread has a crack on the surface and will be prepared inside (test it with a wooden skewer). Let it cool before removing it from the mold to cut it into slices. To serve it, sprinkle with icing sugar.

Health benefits of eating banana bread daily

Strengthen the bones. Several international studies have shown that bananas with bread improve the ability of bones to absorb calcium even if the bananas themselves do not contain a high amount of calcium. This allows preventing the weakening of the bones.
Prevent stroke. A study by Albert Einstein College in New York showed that the intake of potassium only through elements such as bananas reduces the risk of stroke in menopausal women.
Allied of the stomach. The nutrients of bananas protect the stomach from the formation of ulcers. Consuming this fruit regularly promotes the creation of a protective layer that protects the walls of the digestive system from the irritating action of gastric juices.
Incredible source of energy. The energy supply of banana and carbohydrate bread are comparable to that of energy drinks. Carbohydrates in bananas provide the muscles with the energy needed to tackle training and antioxidants promote recovery. The fruit also helps maintain muscle tone.
Source of vitamin C. Like oranges, even bananas are rich in vitamin C. A banana of medium size and about 120 grams contains 15 percent of the daily intake of this essential vitamin to combat the action of free radicals.
They help the sight. Vitamin A is a fundamental element of vision and to preserve the cornea and the ocular membrane.
They improve concentration. In helping students, eating bananas regularly promotes concentration and provides the energy needed for the study. Potassium promotes memorization and helps to learn better.


The banana bread is a mix between a classic bread. So, our guide: how to make banana bread will help you. We described 2 popular recipes in this article. It is a delicious dessert for the winter, to counter the loss of energy and heat given by the cold. But that you can certainly prepare by inserting some changes lighter, but no less tasty and tasty. Banana bread is a product that has no timetables or time; you can enjoy it for breakfast to get the right charge for the day.

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