How To Hair Bun For Short And Long Hair

On hot and humid days, long hair can be a nuisance. The added value of long hair that can be so nice in all season. It is not so welcome when the humidity level is almost 100 and the temperature too. In this case, having your hair tied up in a bun can make you feel much cooler. Instead of messing with a lot of hairpins, make yourself a bun and head twist your hair. Let’s know how to hair bun.

How to hair bun?

How to hair bun

  • We choose the fabric for your bun holder. The structure that keeps your fabric well is something with the nap, like velvet or corduroy, but the choice of the fabric is entirely up to you. Cut the two strips of fabric that are 3 inches wide and 16-1 / 2 inches long. Round off the corners evenly at the top and bottom.
  • Pin the two pieces of long fabric side seams right to the right, then sew 1/4 inch around the edge of the fabric. Leave a space approximately 4 inches long on one side. Measure in 1/4 inch from where it was sewn, and sew around the same path. Remember to leave a 4-inch hole in the same place.
  • Lean over one end of the wire with a pair of pliers and feed around between the two seam lines. Cut small notches along the rounded ends of the fabric, but be careful not to cut the thread.
  • Turn the fabric with the right side out. This will take a while. Once the fabric is on the right side out, roll the ends of the wire around each other until they overlap by an inch. Cut the excess.
  • Wrap the piece of cloth around the wire where it is attached, and glue it in place with the glue. This will protect the ends of the cable from getting through the fabric. Let the wire go inside and sew the 4-inch gap closed.
  • Find the center of the length of the fabric, and mark a line 2-1 / 2 inches long. Make a sewing button 1/16 inch hole all the way around this line. Cut along this line, being careful not to cut the thread.
  • Use the bun holder by pulling your hair back into a ponytail, insert the end of the ponytail through the opening, and roll up the hair until it is in a bun. Secure your bun by winding the wire around your head.

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Types of hair bun

While the color and cuts are a great way to improve and change the look, let’s look at some interesting bun hairstyles for short hair:

Side Bun

It is a very popular bun style for short hair. To get this look at home, comb your hair into a stripe on one side and pick up all the hair on one side. Keep your hair on a low horse and tie just above the ear. Now roll up all the hair and tie it up like a bun, keeping it low. If you have bangs, let them flow loose. Just make sure that the bread is on the same side as the bangs.

Messy Back bun

This is also a simple bread that can be easily made at home and is quick to achieve. Gather all your hair in the back as if it were a ponytail and tied it in a bun, leaving a little loose at the bottom, leaving the ends hanging out of the bun. The idea is not to make it too tight. Leave your side and front bangs loose.

Low Neck bun

This is a very elegant look that will go well with the shoulders, halters, backless, low back dresses and dresses, and is a great look for an elegant party or even a special party with your friends. Comb your hair back and collect all of it near the nape of the neck. In the back, take the little hair to your left side and make a small bun, tie the hair in the middle and leaving the length from mid-bottom very loose. Now pick up the loose hair and pin it in your hair with an elegant brooch or flowery accessory clip.

Braided side bun

This is an easy reality hairstyle that can be done in a few minutes. Gather all your hair to the side and make a braid in the back. Once this is done, secure firmly with an elastic. Now take the braid, roll as you would roll the hair during a bow and tie at the nape of the neck. Fact!

Top Knot

This is an eternal favorite in the summers, especially if you are always on the move. Comb your hair neatly and cluster it up on the top of the head. Stretch all the hair in a tight bun and secure it firmly with an elastic. Since this look is quite simple, be sure to add a splash of color on your face and use some simple accessories. Otherwise, you may look a bit scruffy.

Dancer bun

Do you want some more laps than just making a smooth bun? Then ballerina bun for short hair is a great way to add some style and fun. Comb your hair and pick it up from both ends just above your hair. Your hair should now be divided into a top and a bottom section. Take the top to make a tight messy bun at the top back. Now make small sections of excess hair in the lower back. Turn up and pin on the bottom of your bun.

Twisted Low Bun

This is one of the favorite wedding hairstyles for those with short hair and also for bridesmaids. Comb your hair to remove all the knots. Gather every one of it in the back. Now twist the hair from the bottom and roll up to where the middle part of the head is. Pin the braided hair tightly on the middle back. If you think it is still a little loose, fix it with a trendy brooch.

Small Nose bun

If you have very short hair, but still want to tie it, comb your hair and make a line to the side. Gather all the hair in the back, towards the neck, and tie in a tight bun. You can leave the little filaments, or if you want a very neat look, the pin. This aspect will go very well with Smokey eyes and a look of nude / light lips.

Side Pinned bun

This is a simple yet classy bun for short hair, and can simply be fixed instead of tied. To get this look at home, comb your hair loose, letting your natural waves show. If you have banged on the front or side, you like to keep them loose for this style. Pull out all the hair on one side and lightly roll, setting it up low, preferably on the back of the ear. This time, it depends on your comfort, and if you feel it is quite loose, you can lightly tie it up, adding a beautiful accessory on top.

Final thought,

Comb your hair, letting your waves occupy a central place. Gather all your hair very loosely up and tie it in a loose bun, placing the hair in the center of the back of your head. If you have short hair and you are out of ideas to “make” hair, relax. Although most hairstyles feature women with long hair, those with short hair can have a lot of fun styling with their shorter version.

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