How To Google Play Store Download In Your Smartphone And Tablet

Many smartphone users ask me how to google play store download. Download Google Play Store free for mobile is very easy, and here you can download it 100% secure without cheating the Play Store APK   on Android and all platforms.

Have you been trying to have the latest version of Google Play Store 9.7.11 on your phone? I was also in the same problem. However, he put me to work. With some friends, we have made this extensive article solving the problems of having an application store on your phone. I know it can be a little long, but we have put all the information in one place to have a play store on your smartphone, without viruses, and problems. Let’s start!

How to google play store download

How to google play store download

When the company Google, decided to make a merger between Google Music and Android Market. And that is how it was born what we now know as Google Play store. It is a platform through which applications are distributed for devices with the Android operating system. In the Play Store, you can find many apps, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Netflix, Uber and much more!

This platform also serves as an online store, since within it, there are payment applications. It to be able to use them, and you have to pay a cost for your purchase. Within this great platform, you can find applications of all kinds, from personal apps to apps for commercial use.

Google play store comes installed on all devices with the Android operating system. If you need to download it, you can do it from your favorite browser. There are numerous pages from which you can download this application for Android. You can recommend downloading it from here. It is free of viruses so you have the complete assurance that your device will not suffer from any attack by any infection.

Play store latest version

To be able to acquire the latest version of google store of applications, you can do it in two ways. The first is to wait for the application to update automatically, the frequency of updates is automatic. If the application detects that a new version exists, it will be updated automatically. But if you do not want to wait for this to happen, you can also download the latest update. For this, you must perform the following steps.

Now click on the “Download” button, wait for it to download and proceed to install it.
To install it you must authorize the installation of applications from unknown sources, from “Settings> security.” Activate the box.

How to download google store of applications to my smartphone

If you want to download google store of applications on your device, you must follow the following steps.

  • Open in your favorite browser.
  • Enter the following “Google Apps Store APK”
  • Choose between the first searches results; regularly Google shows in the first results the web pages to which you have more confidence and those with a better rating.
  • After you have entered a website that appeared in the results, you have to look for the “download” button or download; it depends on the web you access.
  • Ready, now just wait for the apk to download to install it on your device.

Remember that you must have activated the option to install apk from “unknown sources,” from the security settings of your Android, but, will not let you install it.

Application store download free for Tablet

The first thing you have to do before downloading free play store for Tablet is to identify the version of Android that our Tablet has. For this, what we have to do is open the settings on our Tablet, then go to the “about the device” section, the section where the version of your Android will appear.

Troubleshoot Google Play Store errors

Sometimes the app store does not work as it should, it is not common. If it is your case, it could be that you are suffering from some errors that cause the application to close. The apps are not installed properly, if this is your case or suffer from some other error. In this section, we will help you solve the most common mistakes of the play store.

Google Play Store error 905

This error occurs when we perform an update of our app, in which it could happen that some file will be damaged or that the update will not be completed and there will be incomplete files, and then when wanting to download an app, it will throw us error 905.

To solve this error, what you have to do is go back to the previous version of the application, for it only follows the following steps.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Go to the applications section
  • Then to Application Administration
  • Once inside, go to the section all applications
  • Select google play from the list
  • Click on the uninstall updates option
  • A message will appear, press accept and wait

Ready, now you have your factory application store, list and without errors in case you want to try performing a successful update again.

Google Play Store error 498

This error is prevalent when you want to download or update an application. The error is due to insufficient storage space. It can happen if the space in your SD memory or the internal memory of your device is insufficient.

To be able to free the cache memory, you have to follow the next steps.

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Then to the Applications section
  • Then to the section All applications
  • Choose the Google app store app from the list
  • Within the options of the app, empty the cache memory
  • Then you must open the download manager, from which you must also empty the cache memory.

Restart your device, and you’re done. Now you can download or update your app.

Final thought,

In this guide how to google play store download, we show the download and install process. We also included some standard error problems with solution. Sometimes, google play store doesn’t work properly. In that time, we need to flash your smartphone. We discussed how to flash your smartphone. Download google play store latest version and enjoy all application from play store.

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