How To Become A Teacher In California

The teaching career is one of the preferred options for students who have to choose their studies. But also one of the most vocational and sacrificed. Thanks to the large number of specialties that it has the teacher of Early Childhood Education, teacher of Secondary Education, English teacher, Physical Education. Teaching career becomes a beautiful option for students who have just passed the tests of exams. Knowing this how to become a teacher in California? What are the requirements to be a professor in each of these specialties? Discover them with us.
Becoming a special teacher or an education specialist in the state of California can be an enriching career. It will allow you to have the opportunity to follow your passion for lifelong learning and the promotion of civil rights. While fulfilling your desire to contribute to a great cause. Below you will find basic steps to become a special education teacher in the state of California.

How to become a teacher in California

How to become a teacher in Californi

If it is your dream to teach in a primary and secondary school in California, you need to meet the standards for teacher certification in that state. California is one of the states of the United States. It has the series of exams that lead to teacher certification. And even if you have a teaching certificate in another state, you will still have to pass the appropriate exams. In elementary schools, elementary refers to grades 4-6. In this position, almost every topic is taught. The only subjects taught by specialized teachers would be music and physical education, and perhaps technology.

Requirements for becoming a teacher in California

A primary school teacher in California schools must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. On the other hand, you must need teacher education program. In some universities, undergraduate and teacher education can be completed simultaneously within a five-year program. Your GPA should be at least 2.0. The next step on the road to becoming an elementary school teacher in California is to support and pass the teacher certification exam in California. It is called CBEST. You must score at least 41 in each of the three sections of the exam with a score of 123 or higher.

In the context of university courses

It is required to follow courses in the Constitution of the United States and a course of reading methods. Without these courses, no matter how high their grades are, you will not be issued a teaching certificate. You also need to have a Praxis to pass multiple disciplinary assessment tests to prove you know the subject of the primary school curriculum. Then you must take a step of RICA – Reading of Competence Assessment instructions.
There are no fees involved in taking these exams. You do not have to pay for them. You must also submit a copy of their fingerprints. A background check will be conducted to ensure that they are suitable for working with children.
After this, you will be issued a certificate of preliminary studies. To accept a post as a teacher as a primary school teacher. The certificate is valid for five years. During which we must complete 150 hours of professional development and continuing education. Professional development is usually organized at the school and neighborhood level. But also able to apply to attend national conferences.

Renew certification

When applying for your renewed teaching certificate at the end of the initial five year period. You need to provide professional development documentation. In which you participated and completed transcripts of the courses. Also, the teacher certification board requires documented evidence that has demonstrated competence as a teacher in a primary school.
Once you have your teaching certificate renewed, then you can take steps to obtain a certificate of professional training for elementary schools in California. You must take at least a dozen university studies leading to a Master of Education. You must also complete the coursework on specific topics – Health Informatics education and consumer education.
Each of the California School Boards is responsible for hiring teachers they need for their schools. The application must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources School District. It hopes to be called for an interview. Have a smartphone so you can check and answer emails during the day. You will need it. Take a calendar with you. Save it. Check it several times a day.

Educational Oppositions

Although there are many types of oppositions for teachers -stands as there are teaching specializations. There is a series of tests in the oppositions of teaching that are common in all of them. The examinations of the examinations of teacher count on two tests of eliminatory character. Keep in mind that, if you present yourself to competition for secondary school teacher of English and any other foreign language. You will have to take the tests in the corresponding language.

The first test in the Teaching Oppositions

In this exercise, you will have to demonstrate your specific knowledge of the teaching specialty to which you choose (primary, secondary, Bachelor, etc.). It has two parts:
Part A:  Practical test to check the scientific training and the mastery of the candidate’s technical skills.
Part B:  Written development of one of the two topics drawn at random by the court.
The second test in the Teacher’s Opposition
In this test, the pedagogical aptitude of the candidate and his mastery of the techniques of the teaching profession are valued. It also has two different parts:
Part A: Presentation and defense of a didactic program (which refers to the curriculum of a subject or area related to the candidate’s specialty)
Part B: Preparation and oral presentation of an educational unit that may be related to the program presented by the candidate or developed from the official syllabus of his / her teaching specialty.

Final thoughts,

Hopefully, you get the answer of how to become a teacher in California. The state will pay up to $ 19,000 in student loans for any post-secondary education you receive that is reflected in a special education teaching position through the APLE (Education Loan Appropriation Program). This is a financial aid program that promotes the recruitment of teachers for special education, mathematics and science, and for underperforming schools.

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