How To Be Successful In College? Besides Amazing Tips

Starting the college is a challenge for those who have just finished high school. If you are one of them and want to meet your academic goals without losing your mind, take note of these expert tips on how to be successful in college.

Run from home to the college to arrive on time. See up to all subjects with different teachers and in distant classrooms. Deal with study schedules and personal commitments; read several guides and make exhibitions; meet new people. Think about what to eat; stay up late; scrape a test despite having studied.

How to be successful in college

How to be successful in college

Making the jump from high school to college can be traumatic for many kids. Entering an environment of more demands, responsibilities, and autonomy means opportunities for growth but also conditions of greater stress that, at times, affect academic performance and lead college students to frustration and even to desertion.

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Eight tips to succeed in college

The first thing young people should do is change their attitude and understand that they are no longer in school. To the extent that they change that mental chip and understand that their success or failure depends on themselves and not on their parents, their teachers or the delay of the Metro, then college life will also be for them. In the end, this whole process is about entering adulthood and maturing.

Eight are the tips that the psychologist puts on the table:

Develop learning strategies

The boys often come from high school without any structure to study, and the college requires a lot of mental organization to handle the information received in class. That is why it is important to learn study methods for effective reading or memorization, tools for making summaries, synoptic tables, comparative tables or mental maps, as well as specific learning tips for verbal and numerical matters.

So that you do not feel alone in this, the college offers the Student Follow-up and Tracking Program. Through it students can learn things such as study time management, test presentation strategies, performance evaluation, and results. Everything is done through each school so you can look up information in yours.

Organize your time.

In the college, each teacher treats his subject as if it were the only one and one has to meet exams, assignments. Besides calculating things like the transfer from home and combining everything with family, sports and leisure activities.

Many young people get stressed because they feel that they do not have enough hours to complete everything they have pending. Some techniques help to manage time efficiently and effectively. Manage time is aware of the needs that each academic area has and according to that invest hour or days a week to meet the objectives, without forgetting hobbies and recreation. Dedicating 100% to study and forgetting about other areas of life is not recommended. Because it increases tiredness and fatigue.

Take care of your physical health

You have to eat and sleep well. For reasons of time or trouble, the boys sometimes skip breakfast or lunch and do not realize that this affects their attention span. On the other hand, the lack of sleep generates problems in memory and affects performance. People who do marathons to study for exams after sleep often end up having more problems.

Learn to manage anxiety

There are few cases of students who block themselves in front of an exam although they study and know the subject. If you see what happens frequently, seek help.

When this happens, it’s because the boys are facing a panic attack or anxiety and that’s serious because it affects their academic performance and frustrates them. There are tools for breathing, concentration, and self-knowledge that improve the management of these stress emotions and channel them appropriately.

Know the teachers and their teaching system

Beyond the contents of the subjects, each teacher has particular ways of evaluating. It is important to inquire about this to be clear on the priorities when studying. In addition, it is important to have a close relationship with the educator. Do not see him as an inaccessible person. When the students think that the teachers are there to make their lives in check, they do not do well, while if they have confidence and see it as an ally, they get better results.

Build a support network

Not only must we meet the teachers and see them as allies, but also strengthen interpersonal relationships.

You have to have friends because a boy who studies in a group has more opportunities to learn more and get out better. Also, friends offer moral support in difficult cases, and that is important. They asks the boys to weave a network of relationships with the staff of the college.

Familiarizing yourself with the administrative staff can facilitate procedures, guide you on the operation and even solve an emergency. In short, a good support network reminds you that you are not alone.

Take advantage of new technologies to learn

Many students are good at using technology to socialize or communicate, as is the case with social networks. However, not everyone knows the potential of apps to study.

There are very good applications on the Internet that help manage time, make virtual chips or study with standard tests. Students should become familiar with these tools and know what tools teachers use. That will boost your performance. This module is a very solid virtual teaching platform that allows students to obtain knowledge and even receive distance learning.

Learn to manage frustration.

Failure is part of life. Scratching an exam is not the end of the world, it does not make you a worse person or make you gross. To the extent that the boy understands that, he is less prone to depression or even to desertion. You always have to put into perspective the things that happen to you and remember that there is always another opportunity to improve. Removing the catastrophic burden of exam failure helps a lot in managing the pressure and makes it easier to tolerate a bad result.

Final thought,

If you are worried about how to be successful in college without drowning, pay attention to the recommendations offered by us. We get it from a member of the team of the Human Development and Counseling Center of the UCAB (CADH). It is an institution where dozens of professionals are willing to help you to move forward your career and stay stable mentally and emotionally.

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