How to be pretty naturally by following some easy tips

How to be pretty

Everyone wants to know how to be pretty. However, makeup is the funny way to make yourself beautiful. But to be pretty, you need to try something natural. A daily routine, some habits can help you to be beautiful. A pretty look also makes someone confident, You should remember that only outside cannot make you pretty. People will treat you seeing your look and confidence. So, it is important to make yourself pretty in a natural way.

How to be pretty

How to be pretty

To be beautiful without makeup, you should maintain a planned lifestyle and habit. These will reflect on the health and overall appearance. Let’s see some tips on how to be pretty.

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Make your eating habit to glow skin

To be healthy and pretty, you should make a habit of eating a healthy diet. It will help you to achieve a healthy skin. Include fruits and vegetables in your meals. The foods that contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids are good for skin. Flax seeds, oranges, pumpkin, walnuts, sweet potatoes are rich in Omega-3. Besides, you need to make proteins such as chickens, beans, milk, cheese, eggs, etc. Always try to avoid junk foods though these are favorite to you.

Drink water as much as you can

Our body needs a lot of water for its every function. Always keep water beside you. You need to drink minimum eight glasses of water to flush out all the toxins from the body. It also makes your skin glossy. A good idea is that, you can take a water bottle with some cucumbers, zucchinis, some mint leaves, lemons, etc. to make the detox water. Drink this water daily.

Have a sound sleep

A sound sleep is necessary to be pretty. When you sleep, the body repairs itself. It is as like as charging the cell phone. Sleep for 6-8 hours. It will provide you a glowing skin and less the dark circle of the eyes. Besides, sound sleep slows down the aging process.

Take green tea

Green tea is now a popular drink to be healthy and beautiful. It contains antioxidants. The “Catechins” available in green tea prevents cell damage. It makes our skin glowing by improving the blood circulation. Besides, the EGCG in green tea also helps you to lose weight by absorbing fat. So, make the habit of drinking green tea.

Take bath every day

You need to take a shower to remove dirt, sweat from hair and skin to look naturally beautiful. Bathe every day on a regular time basis. Wash your whole body properly and use soap, shampoo to remove all the dirt. After a bath, you should use deodorant.

Take care of your face

It is essential to take extra care to your face. The only shower is not enough for your face. You need to use a cleanser that is good for your skin type. For oily skin, choose the cleanser that is oil-free. If your face has acne, you need the product contains salicylic acid. Use a moisture cleanser for dry skin.

Moisture skin every day

After every shower, you should apply moisturizer. It helps to make your skin soft and glowing. You should take a lotion that is formulated for your skin. Do not use one that contains the harsh chemical.

Brush your teeth every day

The tooth is another important part of our body. You should brush your teeth every day. When you smile, your bright and fresh teeth make you look pretty. Brush the teeth at least two times a day. Choose the toothpaste that is healthy for your teeth.

Take care of your feet and hands

Feet and hands are the beautiful parts of the body. So, you need extra care to them. You need to manicures and pedicures your hands and legs. If you want to take care of them at home, trim and file the nails regularly to make them smooth.  Besides, exfoliate the hands and also your feet to remove dry and dead skin. Then apply moisturizer.

Apply sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen when you go outside. It is the best way to protect the skin from the sun. At outdoor, try to wear the sunscreen of SPF of 30 and UV protection. Sunscreen also prevents wrinkles and sun damage. Besides, light-colored clothes are good while going outside under the sun.

Take care of your lip

Lip makes the face beautiful. To keep this sensitive part pretty and smooth, you should use lip balm. Regularly use it. You can buy several types of balm and keep them in your bags, pocket, car or office. By this, you can use them when you need.

Wear well-fitted and clean clothes

Clothes show you your confidence and choice. So, wear clean and well-fitted clothes. Besides, your clothes need to be comfortable. Wash your clothes frequently and iron them properly. Do not wear shapeless clothes with which you feel uncomfortable.

Use simple ornaments

Choose simple ornaments and accessories. If you want to keep your look natural, you avoid tons of jewelry. You can wear a simple bracelet, heels of light color, scarf, etc. Besides, choose simple earrings and handbag.

Keep eye on your hairstyle

Choose the hairstyle that goes with your shape. It should look goods with your face shape. Spend your time to find out the right hairstyle for you.  Take care of them. You can go a salon to take care of your hair on the weekly or monthly basis.

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Keep smile

A smiley face is the most beautiful thing. Smile also attracts people and makes you confident. It also makes you happier. Speak slowly with people and shake hands firmly.

Do some exercise

Physical exercise is very much needed to keep yourself fit and healthy. So, every day, try some exercises that make your shape beautiful and attractive. Exercise also helps to glow skin. Yoga is the way to keep you beautiful.

All the tips are effective to be pretty. You need not follow any artificial makeup to be a beautiful woman. When you use any beauty product for your skin and face, you should be conscious. Try to use natural ingredients. Now it is not a hard question for you how to be pretty. Say beautiful and happy.


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