Download And Install The Google Play Store Update Version

Google Play is indispensable for any Android smartphone. It is the store that will allow us to download applications. However, do not forget that Google Play or Play Store is an application itself.  Google play store update comes with improvements and new features every so often. Here we show you how to have the latest version, and we list the most important improvements.

After these simple steps, you will already have the latest version of Google Play installed on your device. Google Play Services or Operator Services is an application that is needed to install applications. It is the one who makes the magic behind the Play Store. To update it there are two methods, one simple, and one manual:

Update Google Play Services from Google Play. You have to go to the app in Play Store and check that it is up to date. Update Google Play Services manually. You must download and install the Google Play Services APK file or Operator Services.

Google play store update latest version


Almost every week Google launches a new version to improve the application of the store Play Store. They add improvements and new features. But these updates do not reach everyone at once; they arrive in a phased manner. It is possible that on some devices it reaches it takes up to several weeks to receive all these news.

If you like to always have your device updated, with the most recent versions of your favorite applications to enjoy from the first day of its news, here we tell you how the Google Play Store is updated to the latest version:

Check version and try to force the Google play store update

The Google Play Store app is updated alone in the background. When Google releases a download version and installs itself without we have to do anything, the only thing we can do is check the version that we have installed, and if it is updated or not, that is if we have pending an update to download.

Play Store Updated

To check if Google Play Store is up to date, we have to go to Play Store> Settings> Play Store version. There we will see the version that we have installed, and when clicking on the version, we will see a window that will tell us if “Google Play Store is updated” or if “A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed.”

Play Store Not Updated

If you tell us that you are going to download a new version, we have to wait for it to be installed in the background in a matter of a few minutes. We leave the store, and after a while, when we re-enter, it will be updated, or apparently updated, since it is possible that the latest version has not been downloaded.

Google play store update

The latest features of Google Play

During the Playtime, the Congress of developers who upload their apps on Google Play, the new features of Google Play was announced:

Google Play Security Reward Program. Google pays hackers (security researchers) who find security flaws in Android applications. With the help of Machine Learning technology, it will be possible to track if other applications are also vulnerable.

Instant Apps for Games. Instant applications are a complex technology, but Google also wants to take it to the games so you can try them without installing.

Quality of Apps. With the help of Machine learning, the quality of the applications will be controlled. Especially looking for malicious apps to keep Google Play Store free of threats.

Indie Games Festival. Google wants Play Store to be a place to find good games. So, it will also encourage independent games.

Google Play Store 8.3.41

The google play store update latest version. Google is testing a new system to classify the applications with a list of the 10 best in several categories. Just below the install button, we find the ranking position that the application occupies. The terms with which the list is made are not very clear yet, and the function is not available for all countries.

Google Play Store 8.0.22

The application of the application store has reformed its section of updates again to show the changes and novelties that each application incorporates in the new version. Next, to the name of the application, we find an arrow that displays a small text box with a green background in which it briefly explains the improvements of the update.

Google Play Store version 7.7.31

Google has redesigned the Play Store interface a bit. It is not a revolutionary change, but something more practical. Now when we slide the drop-down menu on the right, we will find a direct option to access pending applications updates by clicking on ‘My applications and games.’

Google Play Store version 7.4.09

This update of the Play Store does not involve great news but greatly simplifies the user interface. With this update, it is possible to hide from the classification of the most popular applications, those that we already have installed in the device. This will give us a clearer idea of what popular applications we have not yet tested.

Google Play Store version 7.3.07

In this update, they have focused on solving problems only for Android 7.1 Nougat. The highlight is that the Play Store icon in nougat can now be round, direct access from Pixel Launcher, support for 4K (very useful for Chrome Ultra) and a new device certification (which we do not yet know exactly what this certification).

Google Play Store version 7.0.17

The new official version of Google Play Store has a feature that we had seen in some beta versions. Now you can expand the screenshots that are displayed on the game or application information page. The best part is that you do not have to deflate the image to move on to the next one.


There we have to find the latest version and download the Google play store update corresponding to the architecture of our device: x64 and x86. Once the variant of the android file has been selected. We only have to “Download file” and install the downloaded APK. After the installation, we will have updated the Play Store.

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