Google Play Store Download For Pc And How To Use It

The applications for Android devices are designed to make your life easier. They are simple to use, fast and they are not difficult to obtain. This is very different from computer programs, these are more complicated to install and use, and you never know if a site from which you can download it will be safe. In this article, we present play store download for pc.

Sure you would like to have Play Store on your PC for these reasons, but can it be done? Yes! Here, we will show you how to get it. Can the Play Store be used on the PC? As already mentioned, it is possible to have Google Play Store on your computer, either desktop or laptop.

Google play store download for pc from here

Google play store download for pc


The Google Play Store has more than 1.4 million applications for you to enjoy. All of them are available to users of Android devices, so you can download and install them on these mobile devices. However, you can also use these amazing applications on your computer and still make use of them. For example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. It’s great, right?

However, to do this. You must download and install an application of special software that will help in the process of using the Android environment from the computer. The good thing is that this application is completely free.

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The best Android emulators

There are several emulators for play store download for pc. They allow us to have Android applications for PC with just installing the program on the computer. However, there are also some that stand out from the others for their greater compatibility and performance. Here is a list of the best Android emulators for computers:

  • Bluestacks
  • Memu
  • Andy android
  • Nox App Player
  • Remix OS App Player
  • KoPlayer

Here, I discuss the best and handy android emulator Bluestacks.

How to use an Android emulator?

The emulators are quite easy to use. If you ever had a cell phone or tablet with Android, you will quickly become familiar. Android emulators are used in the same way as any Android tablet. They have the same interface, and games are downloaded from Google Play just like on any mobile device.

Steps to download an emulator:

Once you have understood which the emulator that you like the most is and the one that gives you the best performance, you proceed to follow the following steps. Whatever the emulator you download, the process and steps are the same.

  • First, you need to download the emulator from its official website.
  • Second, you must install the emulator that you download to your computer.
  • Third, when it is installed, you must configure the emulator, just as you configure a new tablet.
  • Fourth, add a Google account to your emulator so you can download apps and Play Store games.
  • Fifth, enter Google Play, and you can install the app or game that you want, and you can play it from your computer.

Remember that if you want to follow the games of your cell phone on the pc, you need to add the same google account on both sides, in this way you can continue your games and keep the settings of your apps on both the mobile and the computer.

Emulator BlueStacks for Android

Use android in windows from your favorite PC web browser, download the latest version of the BlueStacks Android emulator. Once downloaded you must install it. The BlueStacks emulator for Android is a fairly simple application. Whose task is, as the name suggests. To emulate the Android environment on the computer. Once this platform is “present” on a PC, the Google Play Store application can be installed. It can be used just like on an Android device.

Once you have installed the emulator, you can download the Google Play Store APK and install it on the emulator provided by BlueStacks. Now you can start to check all the individual features of the Play Store just as you would on your Android phone or tablet. Remember that before downloading the Google Play Store and installing it on your Windows PC. First, you must create a Google account, which you will have to use to access the store to download the application you want.

Once this is done. You can download and install any mobile application you wish to have on your PC and use it as you could from your mobile device. You should always remember to run the Android emulator, BlueStacks first, before trying to access the Google Play Store on your PC, since this application runs in the virtual environment of this application.

How to download Blue Stacks App Player?

It is an easy process since they have an official website, where downloading the emulator is simple, it has a size no higher than 10 MegaBytes – with this I mean. That in a few minutes we will have our application downloaded and ready to be used. Now you will no longer have an excuse to enjoy the Google Play Android Market.

Download Bluestacks app player

Now we have our Android emulator, we have already downloaded it. And you will ask how do I install it? Well, the way to install it is like any other application. Here we will follow step by step instructions to have Blue Stacks installed on our pc. Therefore, you do not need to be a handyman or any computer user moving forward to perform this task. Follow the steps carefully until you reach the final installation.

Now that we have it installed, you will be impatient to start enjoying this emulator, Right? I knew it!!!! Well, now you can start downloading applications from the same program, simple as Google Play since it has its interface, intuitive and easy to use, where downloading applications will not be the problem. Select the application that you like the most and start enjoying this gem designed by Google.

The great thing about Blue Stacks is that it incorporates the possibility of adding the applications you were using on your mobile phone to your PC so that you can enjoy your applications in full screen on your desktop or laptop.

Final thought,

Google Play Store is the mobile app store for all Android devices. Although this Android app store is available for Android mobile operating systems, there is a small path you can follow to download and install it on PC. Google play store download for pc. I hope that this article will make it clear that you can install and download play store easily thanks to the BlueStacks application.

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