In this DMCA page, you will be learning all about the rules and regulation of AidBird following DMCA and US copyright Fair Act. These both rule systems outline publishing content in websites which explain what can do with your copyrighted material and other’s copyrighted contents and what not. The DMCA page will help you understand all the rules and regulation of under US Copyright Fair Act and DMCA. These are for making and applying some proper regulations and outline of publishing all the content on the website. Such as, Image, banner, GIF, Logo, Audio, and Video, etc.

We believe all the materials on our website are published following all the rules and regulation of DMCA and our own site rules accurately.

What is DMCA?

The meaning of DMCA is Digital Millennium Copyright Act which states that any copyrighted material can’t be published in a site without the permission of its actual owner/company. If any blog or site does that, it will come under penalty and authorized owner/site/company has full right to take proper actions come under the law.

Our law is to respond any infringement complains that state the has broken any of this law. And after investigation, we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

If you come to know that your copyrighted content is published Aidbird’s page without your permission or notice then let us knows with a “Copyright infringement” notice. But make sure you have proper evidence that proves you are the legal copyrighted owner of the content.

Note the fact; if you willingly or unwillingly miss-present any truth that leads us to the point, your claim is false then we will oblige to take actions against you. We will take proper legal action s and claim for damage charge including the attorney fees. So, consult with your legal advisor before making any step against the site.

What Should Contain in Your Copyright Infringement Claim

Read and understand what your copyright infringement claim should contain. Such as,

  • Include proof of the authorized website/person documents of the violated materials.
  • Add the search result of Google or other well-known search engines (at least one) which shows the infringement content has been found on our site.
  • If you are complaining on behalf of the authorized owner/website/company, then mention that too. Also, write that the complaining party has proof and faith that the published content in has no rights/authorization to use the material any of these actions. If you are the actual owner of the content, then add the BOLDED statement only.
  • Mention that, you are complaining on behalf of the site/owner/company who has given full rights on behalf of the site/owner/company.
  • Provide your original and valid contact address including the phone, email, and postal address so we can reach/contact yours anytime.
  • Add a statement saying all your works/proofs written/given here completely genuine, come under perjury penalty, and you are aware of every single word written here.
  • Your complaining copy has to be a sign of the actual owner of the exclusive rights that trespassed apparently.

Now send the complaint paper to the contact us page and let us look at the matter. Usually, it takes 10-15 days to investigate this kind of fact, so be patient on that. So please be patient with that fact.  Remember that, if you submit the complaint in other website, media or even in our Internet Service Provider other than then your claim/complain will be considered invalid.