Black Desert Beer Recipe: How To Craft It Without Loosing Power

If you’ve been playing Black Desert, you probably know by now that beers are a very important item in the game. As silly as it sounds, beers are the only way to restore the life energy of your workers, so they keep producing and increasing your earnings. Black desert beer recipe might be the best one for them which one we emphasize in this article.

The problem is that beer is not as easy to obtain; you need to whether buy it or craft it. Buying it, of course, is expensive and whatever the enterprise you start, the profits will be considerably diminished if you only buy the beer. Besides, the number of workers you can handle will always be limited to the beer you can buy.

That’s why it’s better to craft it by yourself, but, for you to do it right, you need to follow this Black Desert Beer recipe.

Black Desert Beer recipe

The ingredients are:

  • Mineral water x6
  • Leaving agent x2
  • Sugar x1
  • Potato, corn, wheat or barley x5 (no mixing, each batch needs a single plant).

Every ingredient can be bought in the major cities, except for the plants that you’ll have to grow yourself.



Before starting crafting your own Black Desert Beer, you need to buy a building and equip it with all the needed cooking tools. Simply buy as many cook utensils as you can and put them in your house (press P and then select the utensil). A good idea, especially if you’re starting is to buy #2-1 at 1 CP, as it’s very cheap.

But that’s not it, you’ll need allocation for your workers, a requirement that can be easily covered by Room 1-3 #1 (3 CP).

Gathering the grains

Contribution points are needed to start brewing Black Desert Beer. To have a complete brewery with 5 nodes, you’ll need 22 CP but luckily, you don’t need to have all those nodes to start.

Actually, you can start with Toscani Farm (6 CP) and then upgrade while you and your workers gain Experience. The list of farms and the CP needed are:

Once the workers get more experience you’ll be able to get other vegetable plants such as Wheat and in greater amounts.

Cooking tips

  • You’ll get the chance to have multiple beers for one recipe when your workers level up in cooking experience.
  • You’ll get a RANDOM chance to get Cool Draft Beer when you get to Skilled level in cooking. This beer has a bit better stats than the regular beer.
  • Sute Tea can be used while cooking and adds +8% Life XP for 90 minutes.
  • Cook’s clothes will be available at Expert Level, it grants +10% cooking XP
  • Silver Embroidered Cook’s clothes offer different improvements to boost your production according to the levels:
    • Regular: Movement Speed +1, Cooking time -1 sec
    • +1: MS +1, CT -2 sec, Cooking EXP + 10%
    • +2: MS +1, CT -3 sec, CEXP +15%
    • +3: MS +2, CT -4 sec, CEXP + 20%
    • +4: MS +3, CT -5 sec, CEXP + 20%
    • +5: MS +4, CT -7 sec, CEXP + 40%

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