Best Baby shower ideas for girls images, decorations, themes, Games 2018

Baby Shower themes for girls

Are you planning for a girl baby shower; then you’re in the right place. Check out the best Best Baby shower themes for girls to get inspired. You will needs all the tools, all ideas, including the themes, fun the shower games, baby shower food ideas, gifts and party ideas, and more to decorations for the ideas.

We have covered it; get ready to have a remarkable celebration for a girl baby shower. Each ideas of food, themes, games is fun, cute and creative and will be a great feature to any baby shower.

Baby Shower themes for girls

Baby Shower themes for girls

Here are some best Baby shower themes for you to look through.  There are so many shower themes and get ready to scrolling finger. Choosing a shower theme makes decorating more attractive, and our favorite shower themes are “Sweet as a Peach”, “Under the sea baby”, “Pea in a Pod”.

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Cutest Sweet as a Peach Baby shower: This is from Tini Posh, styled by Claudia “Sweet as a Peach shower.” The color scheme of the peach, teal, yellow and gray look amazing together and the baby is going to be named Georgia which makes the baby shower themes even more perfect.

Under the Sea Baby shower: If you are looking to Serve up some yummy “under the sea” seaweed with green sour straws candy. This is looking to be dazzled with ideas for an “Under The sea baby shower” with a cute seaweed sticker.

Pea in a Pod baby shower: We recently came across the most creative party with a “Pea in a Pod baby shower theme”.This theme allows being creative and impressing your guests with cute and clever ideas. You can easily use this theme for your single or twin’s baby shower. This is from Whipperberry, styled by talented Whitney.

Best Baby shower themes for girls in springtime

Now it’s time to planning for a girl baby shower ideas in springtime. Maybe springtime is not bloom yet, but that’s not mean you can start planning. Springtime these themes for girls are all about fulfill the cheery spring into decorating unique and creative items. Here I’m personally fond of some new and creative springtime baby shower theme.

Spring Baby Sprinkles: One of the first things to catch my eye was of course the fabulous upside-down umbrella. The Talented Paige from Paige’s styled this incredible “Sprinkles Baby Shower”. The artistic display tied in so nicely with the pretty stationery details, which included invitations, cupcake wrappers, use ornaments for raindrops.

Honey Bee Baby Shower: First of all, Honey bee is great and creative baby shower ideas for girl’s birthday party. This is great dessert to hand out fresh honey as gifts for your guests. The sweet Honey Bee desserts to be decorating popcorn boxes, snack boxes, favor boxes, to label buffet on the table.

Paper Dolls and Crafts Baby Shower: Here is the Paper Doll themed baby shower I did for my daughter. Invitations, Decorations, Food and all the things I have planned before month and thank my team to cut out. Here I show you the best one of them. This was called the craft table I had set up so that guests could stuff vintage fabric dolls and cut out magnetic paper dolls I had already printed.

Baby Shower Cakes to be inspired

There is a huge collection of amazing cakes sprinkled to inspire you. I have submitted it for our valuable readers and I’m pretty sure that’s you will love all of this baby shower cakes. So take your time, there are so many showers cake to be see like pictures, items etc. So enjoy yourself and pick one from these baby shower cakes.

Princess Baby Shower Cakes: I found inspiration for this princess baby shower cake on a baby shower birthday party, that I am a member of the party and fell in love with it. Really I love all of their decorations, at a time I’m thinking how they made it. If you see this I’m sure you shocked too like me. This is called The Tiara Baby Shower cakes. This is so pretty and cute to see. There is a crown on the top of the cake.

Bath Time Duck Cake: Here is another baby shower cakes. This is called Bath Time Duck Cake and the ducky bathtub made of a marble cake. This cake looking so pretty and it test it so good. You can use any creamed on this cake to make better of his test. I really love this duck cake. If you like then insert this duck cake on your baby shower ideas.

Teddy Bear Cakes: The Blue Star Brown Teddy Bear Cakes by Heather Ely from Grants Pass Oregon. He made this beautiful Blue Star Brown Teddy Bear cakes for baby shower party. This cake made a 10 inch pan and 8 inch pan. You can use different colors and cream to be planned with other decorations.

Baby Shower Gift ideas for girls

Are you looking gifts for baby shower? There are so many lovely gifts ideas for a baby shower. Pick one of them and make a gift for the coming baby shower. I hope you like these gifts for baby shower.

You will agree that “the worst feeling is when you arrive at a baby shower and realize that you brought the same gift as someone else.” So brought some different gifts or make different.

The Land of Rod, the unlimited back N’Belly Maternity and Nursing pillow, Free Printable Nursery Art, make an adorable baby shower diaper cake etc. This is creative and new baby shower gift ideas.

Thank you for being with us. I have tried to read out all baby shower ideas for girls. I hope you have enjoyed this idea for a baby girl.

This is all about to you that are how you will plan for a baby shower. Just think how you have to complete a baby shower, how to décor? But don’t forget to put this all; I have here for a baby shower.


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