10 Best Law School In USA In Which You Can Admit

Study Law in the United States can be a great challenge. To know how to face it we tell you which the best law school in USA you can choose. Did you finish your law degree and are you looking for a new challenge? Studying a postgraduate course in the United States could be a great option. Specializing in one of the most prominent legal systems in the world. It will bring numerous benefits to your career, as long as you do it in the right universities.

To guide students in this election, The Princeton Review, the US Company specialized in preparing candidates for admissions in universities. They makes an annual ranking. By surveying more than 19,000 law students from 172 different schools. They were able to identify the faculties of law with the best career prospects for 2018.

Top 10 best law school in USA

10 Best law school in USA

Being part of the students of one of the best law school in USA. It is difficult but not impossible. However, despite the difficult admission processes, there is always room for the most outstanding. Are you going to study law in the United States? Here, we discuss 10 best universities in which you can admit:

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as UPenn, is a private non-profit university founded in 1740 by the scientist Bejamin Franklin. The center was born with the objective of training young people for leadership in business, government and public services. It was the first American educational institution to have more than one faculty and obtain official recognition as a university. It is famous and best law school in USA.

New York University

More than 175 years ago, the distinguished Albert Gallatin, who served as US Treasury Secretary for thirteen years. They declared in New York his intention to establish “in this immense and rapidly growing city. It is a rational educational system open to all. Following this idea, in 1831 was born the University of New York (NYU), a center that has become one of the largest private universities in the United States. Its founders would hardly recognize the university today. Of the 158 students and 14 teachers of its beginnings, it has gone through an annual enrollment of 57,000 students.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private university founded in 1890 by the American Baptist Education Society, oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. They made a large financial donation, and Marshall Field, who provided the land where the buildings were located. The University of Chicago is located in a 220-acre area of ​​the Hyde Park neighborhood and has more than 240 buildings scattered throughout the city.

University of Columbia

The  Columbia University was founded in 1754 by King George II of Great Britain , thus becoming the oldest institution of higher education in New York City , and the fifth in the United States .Columbia University is responsible for managing the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes , which each year award the best works of written press, literature and musical compositions.

University of Virginia

I loved walking around the campus of the University watching the constructions with so much history. I liked it a lot more than going to Monticello. In the Alderman library is the McGregor room, with a great atmosphere for those who like libraries.

Harvard University

The Harvard University is the higher education institution oldest US and one of the most prestigious in the world. It arose in 1636 with the name of New College and later modified its denomination to Harvard College in recognition to its main benefactor. His name is John Harvard of Charleston. He donated to the institution its library and all its savings. In 1870 he changed his name again to acquire his current denomination.

Stanford University

The  Stanford University is an institution private higher education which opened in October 1891 in the state of California , in the area known as Palo Alto, about 56 kilometers south of San Francisco. It has worldwide prestige and always appears among the best university centers in the world in the international rankings. The educational quality begins in the selection of its students, famous for its hardness.

Northwestern University

The history of Northwestern University begins in 1851. When nine pioneering businessmen from Chicago founded the first private higher education institution to serve the Northwest US Territories. It is an area that now includes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. The research activity of Northwestern is very high and has more than 50 research centers. Also have an investment of 620 million dollars per year.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, also commonly called University of Michigan. It is a prestigious American public university. It was founded in 1817 in Detroit but in 1837 it moved to the university town of Ann Arbor. Where it grew to become the institution it is today.

With 19 faculties and 260 programs of studies, the University of Michigan has become an economic engine of the city and the region, and the campus seems like a true city by itself. Its annual budget dedicated to research exceeds one billion dollars and covers almost all fields of science, engineering, medicine, social sciences and humanities. Frequently it appears to be among the 20 best universities in the world and at the national level. It is considered one of the five best public universities in the country.

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is the oldest in the state of California, and since its inception has been a catalyst for economic and social growth in the region. The roots of this institution date back to the mid-nineteenth century. Thousands of seekers of fortune came to the state of California attracted by the gold rush.

Its 500-hectare campus houses numerous neoclassical parks and buildings and is located next to the city of Berkeley. Among its students dominate the youth of the state of California, but there are also numerous international students and minority groups. That creates a multicultural and diverse student community.

Final thought,

Every year, thousands and thousands of students seek the best law school in USA. They look for a school that will provide them with the tools they need to succeed, as well as one that will help them boost their thriving careers in the legal profession. Many universities around the world provide excellent legal education, which makes it difficult to decide which the best is.

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